Tuhala Nature Trail

This tour will delight all those who are interested in walking and natural wonders.

Approximately 40 km from Tallinn is Tuhala Landscape Protection Area. The scenery of the region is enriched by the interesting karst phenomena and rare plant species.

The first stop is at the famous Witch’s Well; the 2.4 m-deep Witch’s Well is a unique karst spring, a genuine phenomenon of nature. From time to time the well „boils over“, with water spouting into the air at over 100 litres per second. Sometimes the well „spits“ out fish and frogs. The legend says: when the witches of Tuhala are whisking, the well starts boiling. Whilst not a regular occurance, these fantastic happenings have sometimes been wittnesed twice in a year, sometimes every other year.

Next to the well is another very rare wonder of nature – the Energy Column, which is one of the most powerful in Europe. Many people believe it helps to cure a variety of diseases. Here is the perfect opportunity to charge yourself with new energy, before starting your walk through Tuhala Landscape Protection Area, which is the biggest karst field in Estonia. Your stroll takes you along the nature trail, where you will see sink holes, springs and Virulase Cavae. The 2.5 km nature trail was laid out at Tuhala to reveal the natural and cultural monuments of the area.

After your walk at Tuhala Landscape Protection Area you will enjoy refreshments of tea, coffee and a sandwich at the Pähklimetsa log cabin. Then walk back to the coach to drive back to the ship/hotel.